Ever since its foundation, Marina Contábil has been gathering knowledge, skills and experience so as to offer a service with high standard of quality, always focusing on providing our clients with all the required information so that we can help them find the best means of conducting their businesses.

We aim at producing and presenting analysed and accurate financial facts to the business owner so he can use this data for easier, faster and more results-producing decision-making for the good of his company.

Due to its 30-year experience, Marina Contábil understands the demand of modern times. We are currently setup to act in the fields of Financial Management, Planning and Managerial Controls as well as
providing our core services of bookkeeping and preparation of corporate, fiscal and management reports, in Brazilian and several other currencies, according to local accounting standards (US-GAAP, IFRS etc.).

We have successfully been providing service for Brazil-based International companies, providing solutions for:

Registration of foreign company in the Central Bank of Brazil and the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service;

Establishment of a foreign company in Brazil;

Establishment of subsidiaries of foreign companies in Brazil;

Registering companies with foreign partners.